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"This beautiful place we call home."

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When life gives you lemons or grey cement barricades...

You have a painting party! Attendees and artists ranged in age from 2-65 and the results are amazing. Red Rock High's art teacher Geoffrey Worssam brought his toddlers and a few of his stellar students, Sedona, Joseph & Sarah. Local friends of the lodge joined in. Special thanks to Cindy Thau a real local artist who helped us with our vision. We hope they make you smile. 




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Mr. Horny Toad Took A Wild Ride!

Lisa, our night server is tramatized by the sudden disappearance of a member of our family.

The small bronze horny toad that has lived on our cocktail table for two years.

Mr. Toad's disappearance was noticed on the morning of Monday, July 7th and is most unsettling. 

Any clues to his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

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